What are the top places in the world to retire to?

“Have you  ever thought about your retirement” I said to my friend Becky at Selly Oak escorts of http://www.westmidlandescorts.com/location/selly-oak-escorts/. Becky and I had been friends for a long time, and during that time, we had got to know each other very well. We were both getting a little bit older. Working lat at night at Selly Oak escorts had been great when we were younger, but now it was rather beginning to lose its charm. Walking around in high heels shoes was hard work as well, and I rather fancied doing some totally different.



Both Becky and I had done well at Selly Oak escorts, and we would be able to enjoy a rather comfy retirement as Becky often said. However, where would we retire to you? Becky was not sure where escorts retired to and neither was I come to think of it. Most of the girls that we used to work with at the escort agency in Selly Oak seemed to have disappeared of the face of the earth, and it really made you wonder where they had all gone.


I had to admit that I was longing for a much warmer climate. My holidays in the Caribbean had been great but I guess that you can’t really live at Hedonism II. Some alternative thinking was required and I even thought about finding a financial consultant to see if he could help me. I had precious few assets apart from my flat, cash in the bank and a stack load of tips from my dates at Selly Oak escorts. On top of that I had some jewelry and hand bags that I could sell, but that was about it.


Becky and I take a day off from Selly Oak escorts and went around one of those retirement fairs. We were both rather curious to see what was on offer. Getting out of London would be good, but I was not sure that I would want to leave the UK. It was a big step after all, and I would hate to think that I would miss out any action. The fair was a real eye opener, and it seemed that the best places to retire to depended on what country you lived in. For instance, Thailand had become a very popular place to retire to for most British people. Panama was also another popular place and it looked rather nice.


A week later I mentioned my dilemma to a guy I had been dating at Selly Oak escorts for some time. I told I was not sure what to do. The thing was that I was not old enough to sit on my bum so I wanted to be somewhere I could be active. He laughed at me and suggested Cornwall. I had to have a little laugh at first, but now when I am sitting here in my cottage with my two dogs, I rather like it. I have a little job, my flat in London is on a long term rental, and when I feel that I need some company, my date from the escort agency in Selly Oak is just around the corner. What can be better than that?

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