My Mr Right

Do you know how hard it is to get a guy to accept that you like to wear nipple clamps? The more senior gents that I hook up with at cheap London escorts often wonder what I wear under my tight fitting top. It is my nipple clamps. I have this huge need to have them on all of the time, and I love dating with them on at London escorts. If you like, I get really excited by having my nipples touched or squeezed, and there is nothing like a pair of nipple clamps.

I am not saying that all of the guys I meet at cheap London escorts get turned on by it, but many of them do. Some London escorts think that it would be torture to wear nipple clamps all of the time, but it does not bother me. As a matter of fact, a guy who refuses to play with my nipples during sex ends up out of the bedroom door even before he has got his dick up. It may seem a bit harsh, but I do like to a man who can be at least a little bit adventurous.

But, how do you find a really adventurous guy outside of London escorts? It is not that easy, and you have to date an awful lot of guys before you can come across your own Mr Right. However, that is what exactly what I did after I had come closed the door on my London escorts apartment one night. Instead of going straight home, I ended up in this bar chatting to this guy who had the body of Adonis. Before I knew it, I was back at his place getting ready to enjoy what I had expected would be rather ordinary sex.

Instead of ordinary sex, I ended up having all of my pleasures truly fulfilled. This guy truly knew how to treat and excite a lady, and before I knew it, I found myself laying spread eagle on his bed, and tied up. As the girls at London escorts know, I am not really into being tied up. However, this guy did it in such a way it became sensual experience. I even enjoyed him tying me up. As I laid there all open and exposed, he cupped his hands around my breasts and removed my nipple clamps. I felt his tongue work my nipples, and before I knew I was cumimng without him being inside of me.

He smiled and penetrated me with his big wide dick. After just a couple of thrusts, I could feel another orgasm building up, and as he reached to touch my nipples, I came for the second time that night. The next day, I tried to recall the event at London escorts. I always start my London escorts shift with a nice shower, and as I stood here in the shower, I could not help to let the shower head find all of those pleasure spots, my new found lover had managed to find the night before. This was truly my own sexy Adonis who knew what to do with his mouth, lips, tongue and that giant dick of his. Talk about finding an unexpected talent.

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