I think that we are too hung up about size

More guys than ever would like to date plus size escorts in London. You may ask yourself why so many guys are becoming interested in dating plus size of London escorts. Personally I think that it has something to with plus size celebs. Check out plus size celebs such as Adele. Men think that what they call real women are more attractive and at the same time, they find them a lot more feminine as well.

Am I plus size girl? No, I am not a plus size girl, but there are days when I wish that I was plus size. Some of the plus size girls here at Cheap escorts are doing really well and making more money than us regular girls. I am pretty sure that if you were to look at the earnings split at our escort agency in London, you would soon notice that many of the plus size girls are close to the top. They are getting a steady stream of guys.

Who dates plus size London escorts? It may surprise you, but it seems that a wide spectrum of guys like to date plus size girls. At first I thought it was only more senior guys who would enjoy dating plus size girls, but that is not true at all. You get plenty of young guys hooking up with plus size girls at first. It even seems that they are a little bit keener on dating plus size ladies in London. The more senior guys who date plus size escorts, are well off and many of them have recently come out of relationships.

What is so special about plus size London escorts? I have met many plus size girls who work as escorts in this part of London. Many of them are very friendly and they seem to have what I would call large personalities. I think that helps a lot. If you have just come out of a long term relationship and is looking for a little bit of fun, it makes sense that you should want to hook up with a girl who is more fun loving. I have also noticed that plus size girls do a lot of dinner dating, perhaps guys appreciate their love of food.

There is more to plus size models than meets the eyes. The girls that I know are so nice that I really like to spend time with them. As a matter of fact, I often go to the gym with a plus size girl who works for our London escorts agency. She is just as fit as I am if not fitter. Okay, she is not as skinny but to be honest, she can keep up with most of the girls on any of the machines. Who do the men in the gym look at? Well, they actually look at her. Perhaps it has something to do with her sex smile and the laugh. You can hear her laughing over the music in spinning class.

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