A Lover Of Teen Escorts

Davis has always enjoyed the company of young teens ever since he graduated from university. During his graduation party, together with his friends, they invited a couple of teens from high school to bring their sexual desires to life.

Davis became a successful businessman running his multi-million franchise but still has his old habits. Since he doesn’t want to be on the wrong side of the law with high school girls, he decided that it was time he dealt with professionals. What he does nowadays is search for escort agencies that have “teen” escorts.

The most memorable moment was a day he met with a teen escort for the first time. He thought this was going to be one of the many encounters he has had with teens who know nothing much. He invited the escort to his hotel room; her name was Mary.

She walked into the hotel room looking all so sexy but not suggestive. Perhaps she didn’t want the whole world to know she was an escort. She sat on the couch with Davis and after a few shots of tequila, she went into the shower to freshen up.

Davis was waiting and expecting something different. She walked into the room from the shower wearing a long t-shirt and shut the light off and got into bed. They kissed and caressed each other and within a few minutes Davis found that the t-shirt was all she had on and it came off very quickly as did his shirt and trouser. Before he knew what was happening or had any idea what to do, she was riding him. They made love several times in positions he didn’t even know existed during the night. This was no ordinary teen.

‘” Fuck me, fuck me” she demanded. He gently pushed his cock in her and started fucking her fast and hard. He took her hands and on the last thrust he jammed one of her fingers up his ass and one on his balls. Then he put one of his fingers in her ass and his other hand on her tit. He told her when he pushed that she was to thrust hard up his ass and to squeeze his balls hard.

He also wanted to give her a whole new experience because he noticed she was not a beginner at this. So, every moment he gave her a thrust he made sure it counted. She mourned even louder and begged for more. He was prepared to give her even more that night.

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